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Inside Hair Library

Hair Library is an online networking platform connecting hair-care brands, beauty enthusiasts and consumers in order to help make finding the perfect product fast and easy. Through its strong online network, Hair Library is the ultimate source for discovering and selling great hair products. Its passionate community of hair stylists, beauty bloggers, hair-care lovers and manufacturers are united across the globe to revolutionize and personalize the way people approach hair-care in the new-generation.

Employing a patent pending technology, Hair Library matches users with products based on their hair type and texture. With a mission to meet the diversity of hair-care needs, this technology presents a seamless and simple solution to finding the right product. This sophisticated system offers over 1,000 products, ensuring that users can locate the perfect match to answer their specific hair-care needs.

Hair Library embraces user-generated media, which allows its users to exchange experiences with various hair-care products. Users can tag and review products by sharing their hair story. These hair stories follow with the products throughout the library, helping inspire and guide other consumers in their journey to find the ideal hair-care product.

With the contribution of consumer feedback, Hair Library’s technology allows brands to be acknowledged by the quality of their products’ performance instead of flashy and expensive marketing plans. It also gives emerging brands a chance to shine, despite not having the same national retail distribution and marketing budgets as more established brands.

The inspiration to create Hair Library was sparked by a desire to transform and improve traditional marketing strategies used by many beauty brands, which is usually based on ethnicity instead of texture and hair type. Soho Analytics Inc. Founder & CEO, Morgan R. Gantt, understood this need and created Born of her personal struggle to find hair-care products that fit her unique needs, she felt frustrated with expense of experimenting with choosing products solely based on it’s described used on the label. This method of trial and error can be an expensive undertaking, and can also be damaging to hair. For this reason, Hair Library was created, ignited by a passion to connect people with great hair-care brands that meet their needs.

Gantt received a Bachelor Of Fine Arts with a concentration of Photography from Long Island University; she channels this artistic background in everything she does. During her experience as a Digital New Business Development Consultant for Hype Hair Magazine, she was able to apply her insights and innovations to direct marketing strategies. Throughout her career, Morgan has worked with major beauty labels such as Juicy, Today’s Black Woman & Pop Star. In addition Morgan is the author of The Lace Wig Bible: How To Style, Care & Maintain Lace Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Natural Hair, published in 2012 (Available at