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Alikay Naturals

In 2007 Rochelle went natural for the first time, with inspiration from her mother Marlene Moulton and her husband Demond Campbell she decided to stop chemically relaxing her hair and cut it all off. The first year of being natural was a learning experience, where she damaged her hair with over coloring. Then she faced an even greater issue there were no products that kept her hair moisturized. Most products on the market were filled with chemicals, false promises, and focused on the temporary look of styling rather than overall hair health. So again in December of 2008, she did another Big Chop but this time vowing to do it the right way. The biggest hurdle again became finding products to help her hair be healthy and grow longer. Also in 2008 Rochelle began designing eclectic jewelry and accessories and selling her handmade creations to the world after naming her line Nyamani Chic.

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