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Laila Ali

The Laila Ali lifestyle brand inspires, empowers and provides healthy living options for today’s on-the-go woman; who, like Laila, wears many hats: mother, daughter, wife, athlete, and professional. As an everyday woman, Laila believes in empowering other women to be their very best. Her hair care appliance line includes all of the tools today’s woman needs to care for and style her own hair at home, while looking like she just stepped out of the salon. Because Laila styles her own hair at home everyday, she knows what it takes to get the job done. Each tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of all natural hair types and to help create smooth sleek styles. Whether you want straight, shiny tresses or voluminous curls, their high heat capability and adjustable settings will allow you to personalize your appliance to meet your exact hair needs.

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