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Hair Library Beauty Influencer Nicole Forson Walters

Beauty Influencer Nicole Forson-Walters

By: Sidrah N.

"I am happy to share what I've learned with all Curlies- newbie and pro- and I hope my journey will help you find your own curly bliss."

When was the moment when blogging transcended beyond being a hobby?
It still kinda is! I have a 9-5 corporate job, and while I take my 'hobby' seriously, and run the NapNic platforms like a business- I have a lot of flexibility in partnerships, aligning with brands that I truly support, and that best fit my Curly Readers preferences. I appreciate being able to say yes to the majority of opportunities that come my way- and maintain my brand integrity.

How long have you been a blogger?
I've been blogging since November 2011.

What kinds of influence do you find being a blogger has over your community of followers?
It's surprising! From style trends, to money-saving tips- you never know what's going to take off with your readers. I have learned that in my immediate area (Baltimore Metro), that if I find something I love, and it's it short supply- to stock up, before blogging about it! I've cleared my local shelves of favorite lipstick brands- not the greatest when I'm looking for it too!

What do you love most about sharing your beauty journey?
My readers are my curlfriends, and nothing beats the support of over 50, 000 likeminded beautiful women, ready to share your beauty woes, and offer fashion tips. I love when my readers tag me in favorite recipes, new hairstyles, or share their good news- it's truly a community, and I'm humbled to share this journey.

What do you find the most challenging?
Easily having to recall and list details of every hairstyle, outfit and accessory! I remember the days when I used to post a picture during an outing and it was no big deal! Now, when I post a pic, I have to itemize everything down to my lip color, because some Curlie out there is certain to ask for more information. I'm happy to share- but it can be challenging to keep tabs on all of it!

Before you discovered blogging, how it changed your conversations about being not just online but in person one on one?
Conversations are WAY more detailed than in person. Pre-Blog days, we could happily share the name of a favorite product, in person, and maybe where we purchased it. Now, we're all accustomed to detailed information- so it's not just the high level details- we're used to receiving step-by-step video tutorials. The conversations are a lot better, and now it's much easier to replicate your curlfriends 'perfect hair' results.

What are the top 5 hair brands that influence your many looks?

1. I am OBSESSED with their hair extensions, and love a good curly wig!
2. SheaMoisture- Truly all natural, readily available, always a great sale, and enough variety for every curl
3. OyinHandmade- Founded in Baltimore, Oyin's products are legendary and their marketing is so much fun
4. KinkyCurlyKnotToday Leave-In- The one product I've used since Day One. I've yet to find a Leave In that works better.
5. Jane Carter Solution Shampoo- Absolutely the #1 shampoo to clarify and remove buildup- totally clean, with no drying 'squeak.'

Name one influential "beauty superstar" you would love to meet/interview?
It's a dorky answer- but I've been fortunate enough to meet most of my Blogging/Celebrity Beauty Superstars! This industry is small, and we all cross paths at various events and appearances- Ursula Stephen, Tracy Balan, Yolanda Renee of EtcBlogMag, Melanie Yvette of Ebony, and Ty Alexander of HelloBeautiful/Gorgeous in Grey- All talented, self made, beauty entrepreneurs, and it's my honor and privilege to associate with such strong and brilliant women.

How makes a brand a good brand and what makes a product a great product?
A great brand has a clear, concise message that's communicated consistently across all social media and advertising platforms. This applies to beauty, blogging, and every industry. A great product is one that produces the results indicated in its branding platform- curls, no frizz, staying power, or conditioning- if it's on the label (and I follow instructions), I want those results!

Staying cutting edge is important to your followers, who are always looking for fresh content... How do you stay edge while separating trendy hair styles to business professional when you are traveling to meet your corporate clients?
That's probably the funniest thing! I'm 'accidentally' trendy. I absolutely do whatever I like, and share everything with my curlfriends. Half the time, I think the information I've put out there is lame- but my curlies respond affirmatively, and just love it! I've been fortunate to happen on great styles- but that's easy to do, if you follow what you love, wear it confidently, and never hold back.

Can you share one hair story?
Oh do I?! Have you been to my instagram (@napturalnicole) or YouTube page? I’m married to an awesome blue-eyed, loose-curled, man — known as The Hubbin to my Curlies — and he is nothing but barrel of laughs. He is obsessed with Zola The Fro'la, and has picked up WAY too much about the natural hair world because of my bloggin life. For instance, the other day he was washing our dogs and said, “I’m almost out of Shampoo,” To which I responded “The Hubbin! Don’t start washing him if you can’t finish!” And he responded, “Well if I run out of shampoo, I’ll just cowash him.” Ha! He’s a character. I absolutely love bringing his experience and perspective of black natural hair to my Curlies — it’s so genuine, fresh, and often HILARIOUS!

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After spending years with her 'hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side,' Nicole finally joined #teamnatural in Nov 2011. began as a personal journal of her natural hair progress. Then the questions started, her obsession grew- and the official curly diary- NapturalNicole.comwas born. In 2014, NapturalNicole.comhas expanded to covering events like New York Fashion Week Runway shows, interviews with celebrity hairstylists (Kim Kimble), and Grammy winning musicians (Chante Moore and Chrisette Michele). When she's not on the scene, Nicole is a featured writer for Hype Hair Magazine, brand ambassador for Natural Hair products,'s "YouTuber to Watch-2014." Even with all the growth, Nicole says one thing still holds true- "I am happy to share what I've learned with all Curlies- newbie and pro- and I hope my journey will help you find your own curly bliss."

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