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Black Hairstory Month- Tina Turner

Black HairStory Month- TINA TURNER

By: Sidrah N.

In the '80s Tina Turner was as famous for her long legs as for her gravity-defying spiky hair. Tina's signature hairstyle became iconic with volume and full of life. Her wigs always made a divalicious statement. If you want to style your own locks like Tina Turner's, read the Lace Wig Bible to help guide you about the do’s and don’t of lace wigs with an easy to follow, step-by-step, color coordinated companion book. To reproduce this full-bodied hairstyle, the Lisa Raye Hair Closure Body Wave blends in your natural hair in with your expensive virgin hair. Bohyme Platinum Egyptian Wave by Bohyme for full body, and exceptional volume. The Egyptian Wave is a perfect blend of natural textures for truly manageable hair.

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