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Gifts For Grooming

By: Sidrah N.

When it comes to facial and hair care- the male population get left out quite often. Coldlabel is a must-have brand for men to check out. Understanding men's skin care can help the male population decide what to use for men skin care products. Coldlabel Ultra Shampoo earns its name as a well-balanced all-purpose shampoo. Its great for both clarifying & moisturizing the hair, and bears the natural essence of peppermint/teatree. Coldlabel Fresh Powder is an all-in-one powder for freshness. It is very popular with elite barbers as a talc replacement & can also be used as an all over body powder. Coldlabel Pretty Boy Splash After Shave gets its astringent properties from fruit acids & contains organic ingredients proven to help prevent razor bumps and other skin irritations caused by shaving. Coldlabel Premium “Wolfin’ Pomade” is an all natural balm with extra hold. This pomade is specially formulated for wolfin’. It features raw organic honey for strength & moisture retention, & East African Castor oil to support strong growth. Coldlabel Classic Shave Oil & the Bully Beard Oil both contained oils proven to soften hair follicles, moisturize & condition both the skin & beard, & provide lubrication. Coldlabel 7 Juices & Berries is undoubtedly one of the best natural hair oils for men on the market. Create your own Hair Story for your favorite Coldlabel picks.

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