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Hair Regimen and How-To's

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Hair Regimen and How-To's

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Hair Cleansing Schedule Co Wash: Every 3 days (if hair isn’t in protective style) ‘Shampoo’: Every two weeks **The Process** Step One: Dry (with Olive Oil) Finger Detangling To begin my wash process, I carefully divide my hair into four sections, and use butterfly clips to hold each section back. Next, I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil to each section and use my fingers (NO COMBS) to gently remove sure hairs using a clap and drag method. I am sure not to over-detangle. I don’t separate any curl or clump that would be big enough to slip through a wide-tooth comb. This keeps my hair from being frizzy, or suffering excess manual breakage. The remaining detangling can be done in the shower, under running water with conditioner. Step Two: Washing Co Wash Method: I use my cheapie conditioner (Aussie Moist as of 05/13) to wash each section of my hair twice. I make a point to use the pads of my fingers to scrub my scalp to remove buildup and loosen shed hairs. When finished washing the section but before rinsing, I use the ‘Clap’ method. I close my hands at root of the section, and drag them down slowly. This carefully removes shed hairs, and helps direct my cuticles downwards to smooth the hair. (20 mins) ‘Shampoo’ Method: I mix a traditional batch of bentonite clay and apply to my sectioned damp hair. I cover with a shower cap. I allow the product to sit for 30 minutes, then rinse using the ‘Clap’ method described above. If I’m feeling lazy, and want to use a bottle shampoo, I use Jessicurl Cleansing Cream. It’s got so much slip, I can detangle while I shampoo. (20 mins) Step Four: Moisturizing, Sealing and Style- L.O.C. Method- Liquid, Oil, Cream To my freshly rinsed, still damp, sectioned hair, I then I apply a quarter-sized amount of Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner to each section. Next, I apply some Almond Oil to each section. Lastly, I seal in the moisture a with a quarter-sized dollop of my Homemade Crisco Creme applied to the full length of each section. Once my hair is properly sealed and dry, I am ready to style! (20 mins) These are my absolute fav products: • Crisco Creme (Yes Ma’am- old school solidified soybean/palm oil shortening — I whip and mix this with a few ingredients to create the world’s best moisture locking sealant! — it’s the truth!) • Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner • Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner

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