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My hair discovery journey began as a child when I realizedthat my hair was somewhat different from the typical hair texture of most African-American girls. I loved the fact that my hair was wavy, thick, curly, would lay or get even wavier with little conditioner and water added to it... needless to say, everybody loved it too! Over the years, I've enjoyed relaxers, weaves, hair extensions (braids), color, wigs, and fabulous cuts. My knowledge of brands and products was acquired through my profession as Stylist and Makeover Coach (see; and by simply experimenting with a variety of products from different brands that I believe worked for my hair texture, length, and condition. It wasn't until around 2004 that I decided to try natural hair. My first experience with completely natural hair went well as my hair grew really fast, I rocked a funky fro for a minute, enjoyed blow-outs, and then decided to relax it again--no more natural hair for several years. My second natural hair journey begin with "the big chop" in September of 2012 as a result of my fiance encouraging me to go natural... and this time, I don't think I'll ever go back to relaxed hair! It was so cool because at the time, my sister and I were having conversations about going natural and before you knew it, we both were--but, I was the first one that mustered up enough courage to do the darn thing... "the big chop"! The very next month, my sister began asking me about styling options, how I styled my hair... you know, things we girls share. So, to answer her questions, I was inspired to do a video to show her--especially since she lived in VA and I lived in Jersey. I decided to do my first YouTube video, "How to Style Your Sexy Short Natural TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)", and within got 7 months, I got over 15,000+ YouTube views, tons of "I love your hair" compliments, likes, and questions from women who were seeking product solutions and styling options for natural hair. I recently updated the video, so there are 2 versions--my first one with music; and, and a shorter version without music. Since my first video on YouTube in 2012, my channel has acquired over 90,000 viewers from that one video; and, as a result of sharing my hair styling tips and answering questions from my viewers, my subscriber audience is fastly approaching 500 subscribers. What's new? In August 2013, I launched ""--an exclusive, member-only club for natural hair enthusiasts, newbes, experts, and women who may be thinking about transitioning to help them on their natural hair care journey by sharing product reviews, styling tips, fashion ideas, beauty tips, and so much more. My goal is to educate, empower, provide the best natural hair care resources while promoting healthy lifestyle options that empower our members. So... that's my hair story, would love to connect with you... When you get a chance, checkout my YouTube Video: "How to Style Your Sexy Short Natural TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)"; and, connect with me via NaturalHairGirl

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